KEY FEATURES of Wella Lingerie Turnkey Online Store

How it works

Create your domain name

Create your domain name and sign up to be our turnkey store member. Watch your website set up in less than 48 hours

Market the site

Tell your customers, spread it on social media and sell like crazy

Collect the payment

Customers make payment directly to you on their orders

Process the sale

Login to your account and make payment to us on the same order and watch the orders shipped directly to your customers at their door

Sell again. Profit again

Market the sites and profit again. You don't have to carry inventory or upload product to the site yourselves

Put up your own payment gateway

The turnkey store comes with your own payment gateway which collects payment from your customers directly. The most common payment gateway is paypal. You could also sign up for a merchant account with other payment gateway companies such as 2checkout, worldpay, etc.

Hear what our customers have to say

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